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Dedicated to Affordable & Accessible Care

We believe that every pet needs and deserves high-quality veterinary care to keep them healthy and happy for their entire lives. But we know that sometimes a visit to the vet is financially out of reach for some families, and inaccessible in some communities. We’re here to change that. Emancipet is a nonprofit organization on a mission to make veterinary care affordable and accessible for everyone.

Low Cost. Big Heart.

Our Leadership

Our people love your pets, and they’re passionate about delivering compassionate care. Our team and board are experts in their fields and proud pet parents themselves who are committed to providing exceptional veterinary healthcare.

Our Amazing Friends & Supporters

Our work of providing low-cost, accessible veterinary care would not be possible without support from the many businesses, community organizations, and sponsors that share our vision.

Our Fiscal Responsibility

Emancipet is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Sustainable financial growth and decision-making are central to our operations and critical to our ability to provide high-quality services at a low-cost price point.

Our History

Since 1999, Emancipet has transformed from a small, grassroots mobile spay/neuter clinic in Austin, Texas into one of the largest non-profit veterinary care providers in the country, impacting the lives of millions of pets and pet families. Here are 25 milestones and our impact since we began serving pet families.

Our Story

A mini documentary film created by Notable Human Films, 
No Companion Left Behind shows how Emancipet is making veterinary care affordable and accessible to everyone. Coming soon!

Press Room

A mission like ours relies on a public platform. We are happy to work with the press to create win/win scenarios for everyone (especially for pets!).

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Emancipet New School

Emancipet New School is a training program that has offered seminars, consulting, resources, and support to animal welfare professionals since 2013.

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We are committed to making veterinary care affordable and accessible for everyone. Our research aims to share insights on how we achieve this and to continually refine our operational and medical processes.

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Resource Center

The care that Emancipet clients receive often begins before our patients ever set a paw into one of our clinics. It begins with our contact center, which we loving refer to as our Resource Center.

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